Post Doctorate Thinking - Dr Freeze - Inspiration leads to Ultimate Preservation

Beyond Fight and Flight is Inspiration; in fact in the middle of Fight and Flight is Inspiration build up so people can understand that they can go beyond your simple intelligent build-up and prosper. When you neither fight and neither do flight what you do to solve matters is Inspire or you do Cognitive Degeneration to become Determined.

If courage is to fight when reasonably speaking you should take a flight then bravery is to a bit of both fight and flight. However, inspiration is the highest form of courage where problems solve even before they take a materialistic shape for a fight and flight response to take place in other words inspiration "freezes the situation until further notice". Therefore, Inspiration is the greatest tool to Preservation.

Inspiration therefore is a fresh tool for forming true teams.

Human Productivity = Ability To Do x Willingness To Do x Opportunity To Do

When you are able to create an opportunity of peace through your ability then your will will freeze the condition or situation towards peace. In Vircgerency human productivity is gauged through its Ability to freeze the (harsh) conditions towards peace.