Conviction Based Knowledge and Negative Summation

History repeats itself - isn't that a conviction which has stood the test of time. Likewise, the same events of the sun rising and sun setting takes place exactly in the same way. They are so repetitive that they are complete convictions and have no doubts in them. In the same way each person's uniqueness convinces a person to act in a unique way. When a problem persists, it persists because the problem solver has been looking to correct causes(s) which do not fully cover the reason of the problem to exist in the first place. Persistence of problem could be blessing as it tends to bring a solution much wider in scope as the problem was never a problem in isolation.

When consciousness is based on a single object it has the tendency to fall in love with the object as initially there is no reference frame except a consciousness but however, the same love of the object would lead to a unique output (especially if that object is a person). As the other person or object is unique the relationship outcome would also be a Unique Output. A Prospective View independent of the two objects would become necessary which essentially means that the Unique Output due to the unique interrelation of the two objects leads to a Universal Interference which balances the Consciousness as the Collective Unconsciousness. The Collective Unconsciousness acts as a big planet on which the consciousness works upon Motion-Based Reference Frame of the Collective Unconsciousness. Using this Motion-Based Reference Frame could act as a Competitive Edge for the people of reflection.

If consciousness in love with a single object is Inspiration then knowing that there is no single consciousness in isolation is conviction which ultimately lead to the principle of Equity and finally Justice. The greatest outcome which we are looking for is Justice as it helps to bring the conditions in hand in harmony with the Universe while the greatest conviction is that there is always present a Prospective View.

Inspiration is carried not for the sake of inspiring and earning admiration but conclusively to bring justice to the world; the world as we know it. Inspiration moves from the stages of Collective Unconsciousness and Motion Based Reference Frame to Equity and then finally to Justice.

"Negative Summation" (Event Orientation):

You may have a very strong conviction about something but it could lead you to acknowledge that something very bad is going to happen as your sixth sense tells you because you know that history does repeat itself and not all history is worth mentioning. Because that there can be Negative Summation we have to be diligent enough to overcome it which relates to the Independent Mindset. This also tells us that humans often carry corrosive natures which if unlooked would result in disastrous events.

No wonder in the end the universe is bound to end.