Cognitive Degeneration

We have to remember that effort can be conscious and also autonomous or based upon the unconsciousness. Conscious effort is a means to remove elements of stagnation to development and leadership and even leads to the phenomena of beyond leadership. However, humans over the centuries have unconsciously developed survival instincts and at the end of the day these survival instincts describe us as to who we are. The desire to survive is inherent and autonomous - it occurs naturally.

Survival is based on instincts which could be said to be a very high brain function. After all the world is considered to be an ecosystem. Survival is predominantly the function of lower brain functions but together they form instincts leading to higher brain functions once safety and survival is ensured. Lower brain functions ensure that we know and feel what reality really is - it is a means to come out of the seat of a multi-million dollar company's seat of comfort, luxury and safety to the realities of life.

Just like Self-Expectancy leads us to Intrinsic Motivation, Cognitive Degeneration leads us to Inherent Motivation. Cognitive Degeneration brings us to our instincts (in-built) while Self-Expectancy brings us to our Conscious Effort (self realisation). Self-Expectancy is Self based while Cognitive Degeneration is Group or Team based. Self-Expectancy will be important when you realise that you need to rely upon yourself only and there will be times when you have to fully rely upon system and at that time Cognitive Degeneration will become important. These two concepts are not very different - they relate to the same person. These two concepts are mere ends of them same spectrum - at one place a person might need to practice emotional intelligence and at the other hour a person may have to fight for his life.

Cognitive Degeneration approaches a point of Unbreakable Determination - strangely enough the greatest of the management skills can only be felt. Cognitive Degeneration smooths down the learning curve to optimum which is due to the reason that essentially Cognitive Degeneration is a theory of limitation. Let us say that resources of cognition are scarce and we will go to that extent of effort after which we have diminishing returns on mental effort. Unlike Self-Expectancy, Cognitive Degeneration is not based on self evaluation but is based on comparison in society and therefore is based upon the unconscious effort. Cognitive Degeneration may "unconsciously" hamper the optimum output to strengthen the output structure critically and also to capture the other extreme part of the cognitive spectrum which is Self-Expectancy. In other words critical analysis or critical expansion of subject is due to determination (micro psychology) while paradoxical analysis leads as an intermediary to true scientific thought and analysis (macro psychology).

Unbreakable Determination comes when we have optimum hampering of the cognitive process as then cognition becomes structural based. While Cognitive Degeneration is based upon the belief that limitation of the cognitive process is more satisfying and preservation is more important then creation. Without feeling the cognitive process - the thinking process remains incomplete - one of the reasons that "imagination is more important than knowledge". Critical Thinking in a vast imagination is a great Metaphysical Sense. In other words Cognitive Degeneration gives a very strong Metaphysical Sense which is critically based in a structural form. Because the Metaphysical Sense is still not without "hampering" which causes the Metaphysical Sense to be reach higher levels of itself due to the manipulation of the critical based thought structure in the imaginative plane to become Forbearance. In other words Forbearance is the "physical" representation of a Great Metaphysical Sense. This Forbearance is the Soul and Character of a person.