Management Course

Intrinsic Value (Business) Course

Part A

Self-Expectancy Theory

The Importance of Valance in Self-Expectancy

Intrinsic Motivation

Sources of Intrinsic Motivation (Extrinsic, Intrinsic and Family (Intermediary and Cumulative))

Scientific Methodology Part-1: Creative Integration of Cumulative Knowledges

Intrinsic Motivation as: Courage-Hope (Fight and Flight Response), Judgement, Law and Forbearance - Matrix

Creative Integration as: Managerial Arts (The Art of Approximation and Decision Making) - Personality A + B + C

Metaphysical Challenge: Complex Decision Making - The Art of Preservation by Extension (Burdened Upon Philosophy -Time Restrained) and Expansion (Zenith) - (Weak CDC)

The Complete Intelligence Equation

The Subjective Objectivity or the Objective Subjectivity - The Conundrum Solution

Representation of Community by one Person - Great Severity

Leadership (Transformational, Servant)

Part B (Inherent Intrinsic Value Recognition - Further Value Addition - Knowing your Intelligence)

Beyond Leadership (Transcendental, Cognitive Degeneration: Catering to Intelligence)

Beyond Self-Development: Ideological Equity

Strong CDC: Matters of Extended ... (Very Strong Metaphysical Sense with Forbearance)

Back to Innocence: Autonomous, Sympathetic and Lymphatic Nervous System

Back to Reality: Keeping Lower Brain Functions Intact and Appreciating Human Limitations

Ability, Capability and Integration

. Ability: Learn to Know and solve Reasoned Constraints (Learn to Understand) (Subtle + Emotional Intelligence)

. Capability: Learn to Do and solve Psychological Constraints (Learn to Challenge) (Rational + Moral Intelligence)

. Integration: Learn to Overcome and solve Spiritual Constraints (Learn to Love) (Spiritual Intelligence) (Forbearance + Vibration)

Scientific Methodology Part-2: Symbolism

Scientific Methodology Part 3: Post Doctorate Thinking - "Dr Freeze"

Super Knowledge: Conviction Based Knowledge and Negative Summation

The Independent Mindset (Diligent Scarcity Mindset)

Strengths to be developed:

I) Intrinsically Motivated (by Consciously)

II) Inherently Motivated (by Habit or DNA)

III) Anti-Fragile (Shocks often spur growth)

IV) Ability to use Higher and Lower Brain Functions

V) Knowing yourself as Ability, Capability and Integration