There is nothing that can undo the Naturalistic Scientist.

Loving Tremendous Difficulties and Unsurmountable Challenges is the Trait of the one for whom success lies in both i.e. failures and successes.

Courage of Conscience in Economics is the realisation of Spiritual Finance which we deal as Islamic Finance through Shariah.

Positivism and Courage is to Laugh out loud even when death surrounds you. Courage that emanates from the belief in the Hereafter can only laugh out loud towards death.

My Courage starts where the Flight and Fight module gets compromised. After all, one of the best means of getting Sincerity is through being courageous that is when you do not know who you really are but that is who you really are.

I meet myself everyday as a third and/or fourth person not knowing what was I up to and by the Grace of God found myself in good.

If you want to know who you really are then do a new tough experience.

Fire has an age; it is as old as the wood.

Bigger waves come when water traces back.

The Class (of the God - Al Mighty) goes on ...

My Class has to go on.

When it is God's turn (to teach me) I just do Self-Expectancy.

When you think you can do what you can not even think then you must know that you are unconsciously awake.

You will see problems with me you will not see with anyone - you will see solutions with me you will not see with any one.

You will see me in problems you will not see anyone and yet you will see me in solutions-of-life you will not see anywhere else ... of course I am unique like anybody else.

If you want a paradigm shift think like a mother.

To do a successful trade you have to think of wheat straw as diamond and gold ... in fact it actually is - you just have to see it with a different eye.

More than anything else I can not live without an independent mindset.

Behind business contracts is economics but that is: whatever kind of economics that may be.

Perpetual painful conditions are the mercy of God Al-Mighty - such is the realisation of the truth of our earthly life and such is the making of conditions for a person that God the Most Passionate admires. What kills you and still encourages you to live life is a force of the unknown realm that makes you become unconsciously awake. Such awakening leads you to the highest of high and the lowest of low within the circle of respect while you also realise you are nothing - a humbleness which always remains unrealised. This constant unrealised humbleness moves you to passions, paths and extents which can not be imagined by the inexperienced.

Perpetual difficult and painful conditions are not non-attainment of wants but the non-fulfilment of needs which eventually leads one to the realisation of the truth of his reality - his life; this inevitably leads to its attainment by a force so great that it can not be comprehended. The force is too great because it knows it will never be able to stop the perpetual reality for holding as what it holds. However, those needs can be physical, psychological, soul-oriented or spiritual - the higher the need in scale of self-realisation the greater is the force behind it. But this whole phenomenon goes for people perpetually inclined to inspire - greater leaders are born through the greatest of difficulties.

Not even all the infinitely paradoxical events put together can explain my belief in One God because it belongs to state much higher. When you fear by hope and hope by fear - it is a balance of state unknown (belief).

What kills you from the inside makes you bleed from the inside. When you have lost enough blood you become unconscious from the inside. While unconscious from the inside and conscious from the outside let you enter a paradox which no one can understand but also a paradox that no one can challenge. You are actually unconsciously awake.

There is one thing common between the Quantum of Law and the Quantum of Physics - they both are naturally occurring.