Modes of Learning

I support some modes of learning (one same lesson can be done through different means as follows:) :

1) Passive Learning: Greatest Scope Possible

2) Active Learning: Practical Application (Pro-Active)

3) Story Based - Research Based Learning : When student has low understanding and hard time to remember things

4) "Chemistry" Based: Feeling while knowing things

5) Self-Expectancy Mode: For Professionals

Valued Based Strategy to define everything

Value Based System leads to evaluating what I value the most

Deep Inside searching - finding soul - finding the self

My work should lead to the benefit of Others - Ethical Dimension

Using my capabilities at its zenith to accomplish inner satisfaction of passing out my knowledge and good wishes to everyone else

Teaching, Investment Training and Delay and Disruption are based on the Ethical Dimension of doing good

Warren Buffett: Too much of good can be wonderful

LIfe Experience

So the life Experinece becomes Wonderful

You start to love everything

Reinforcing structure of motivation

Determined, Interested and Passionate

Energy from within