Empowering Lifelong Learners

Servant Leadership and Community Service

"To lead is to create a world of your own and we create the leaders of today and tomorrow."

Our motto is that higher the knowledge the greater is a person's humbleness and we look in increasing knowledge through teaching, education and training. We look at teaching, education and training as three distinct modes of learning. 

"Life truly is the journey of self-discovery."

The Pleasure of teaching is a huge pleasure especially when you know you can change the life of someone for the better.  Changing even one person's life for the better means changing the World for the better. We look individuals as a 'potential whole' and develop them  with the principles of Wholistic Psychology. Our teachers try their best to develop individuals to their Pleasureful and Playful Potentials TM; it does not really matters what subject they are studying with us - we see their studies as part of their whole lives to come. Even if you are a PhD student we would like to take you to the joyful and adventurous experience of learning. We would like all of our students to see the integrated web of  knowledge enabling them of a higher world view. 

The Individual We Want to Know

We give chunk size bites of Interest, Curiosity and Determination to our students and once they are able to feel their own Pleasureful and Playful Potentials - we believe we have achieved our mark in the unchartered territory of One's Own Self-Development. The development of interest, curiosity and determination brings a person to his/her highest individual potential of workability. Once at such a level of potential is achieved continuously then the unending fascination with knowledge takes place. This phenomenon elevates a student from a crude absorber of knowledge to a self-aware multi-dimension developer of the self. Then life feels as the journey of self discovery and a constant thirst of knowledge prevails. 

Our Qualitative Hidden Curriculum for Students

Being playful of knowledge is the work of arts. The greatest mould for an individual stands at the verge of pleasure. We try individuals to look at their potential in the following soft ways: 

These are our 13 core foundations of thinking about one's potential. With at least these 13 points we try to develop the individual quality in a person. Quality is an intangible thing but of great value to any individual or organization.  

Our Qualitative Hidden Curriculum for Teachers

No matter what is our age we are always in the process of learning. We believe in teachers of high calibre who just do not think that teaching profession if just for earning money but rather it is a profession of brining communities to their zenith. We as teachers believe that we are here to empower lifelong learners. 

Community Service and Servant Leadership Spirit:

We as teachers look ourselves as community service people who wants to serve first. We take great pride in this humble approach of servant leadership. We believe in giving first and then expecting a return. 

The Book is Alive

Bringing life to knowledge is the art of teaching, training and mentoring. Education is the discipline of cultivating character with the warmth of morality, ethics, imagination and determination in an individual. 

The Bookinsteins

The 'warmest ways of thinking' is a pleasure yet untold. However, it can only be experienced and then understood. We take pride in transforming individuals to experience the wealth of deep knowledge - opening their minds to new paradigms of reflection and thinking. We love to build characters of sound heart. We love building individuals to the fullest potential. 

Our Main Curriculum

We take immense pleasure and pride in teaching, training and mentoring individuals and groups. We specifically use Moral Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Instinctual Intelligence to bring stability in one's character and the ability to channel positive thinking in every field of life with humility, humbleness, self-esteem and dignity.

We encourage Critical Thinking whether in Mathematics or Business Studies. We do recognise that with each subject comes it own 'critical' way of thinking and that is why we encourage learners to develop their own critical thinking by making questions out of the text. 

The Cosiness of Educational Leadership

The 'rhythm' of learning, exploration and challenge keeps us alive. Challenging oneself to the best of one's interest sparks the imagination of the thinker. The ability to see everything with the keen and curious eye of one's greatest interests provides one with an inexhaustible resource of inspirational delve in anything and everything. The interest-based interrelated-nature of upbringing oneself is the self-parenthood one needs to succeed at life. True leadership starts with the inspiration of the self.  

Leadership Positivity 

We encourage cause leadership in learners i.e. how their interests overall lead to a good cause and well-being of the society overall. Other leadership styles like transformational leadership and servant leadership styles are also encouraged.

Learning to Lean upon Yourself - the leaning P

Less or more we always require some sort of support and help to move forward and what could be better than oneself. However, this would not be possible until and unless you know to develop, retain, maintain and preserve your own developed potential. Giving out all at all times is not the idea instead to lean upon oneself - one must always learn to keep ones energies, ideas and enthusiasm reserved and preserved for the future. This also leads to the idea of preservation of change and developing one's Potential always. 

Spirit of Life and Servant Leadership:

We believe we are here to enjoy life but in the most best of manners and that is what is signified by the term 'spirit of life' - a way of living. However, what would be life without some knowledge. Life is becoming increasingly competitive, specialized, fast and actually hard to keep up with. We here try our best to leverage peoples' life towards good and keep hope glowing with practical outcomes and performances. Below through some original ideas we try to convey our message:

Going for Leadership is One Thing but Going beyond Leadership is yet another... that is how a Naturalistic Scientist might define Leadership. Leadership may be defined as a continuous outreach to include all.

Loving Tremendous Difficulties and Unsurmountable Challenges is the work of individuals who inspire to fail by courage than to succeed by reservation. 

The ability to go beyond and marking your means in the unchartered territories is the cornerstone of a true visionary. 

Redefining Leadership:

We believe in a leadership style that brings others first than ourselves. Our way of teaching is Wholesome and Holistic Education and is based upon nurturing the self. Leadership in ourselves redefines itself further as we develop together. 

Our Management of Students is based upon the following hierarchical steps:

Our Management is based upon these Core Values:

Wholesome Education, Self-Development and Well Being:

We believe in Wholesome Education which is based upon concepts and theories which try to find the truth in themselves with a holistic perspective as a means of completing a person's self-belief. This Wholesome and Holistic nature is achieved through creative integration of cumulative knowledges. The practice of truth in the practical life give a person a purpose to progress and achieve immense qualities leading to Independence. 

Warren E. Buffett signifies "True Individualistic Ownership" and defines the concept of self-multiplications - that is how you make an ordinary business a truly a unique one. Once an individual has captured the required complete essence of the successful and complete managerial perspective of a particular business then that person can inspire and lead others to do, literally the same, enabling a successful business empire to be built. This is a classical theory of self and societal development with intrinsic and inherent values integrating at a seamless point as the self of a person. Hence, value is created, distributed by the currency of men itself while earned profits merely becomes a by-product of the wilful effort of all in that particular organisation. This aforementioned phenomenal philosophy of the recurring business triumphs is the classical means of well-being

Our unique selling proposition resides in the symbol EDU-V which summarises our institutional strategy for educational development:

1. EDU-V (as the Unique Selling Proposition)

2. Educational Strategies

3. Motivational Strategies

4. The Learning Spectrum

5. Class Satisfaction Criteria                    

Hidden Curriculum as Value Based Skill-Set: