Empowering Lifelong Learners

The Perpetual Innovation of Knowledge

The Doctrine of Learning: Literature, Philosophy and Management

Going for Leadership is One Thing but Going beyond Leadership is yet another... that is how a Naturalistic Scientist might define Leadership.

Loving Tremendous Difficulties and Unsurmountable Challenges is the work of individuals who inspire to fail by courage than to succeed by reservation.

The ability to go beyond and marking your means in the unchartered territories is the cornerstone of a true visionary.

Redefining Leadership:

We believe in a leadership style that brings others first than ourselves. Our way of teaching is Wholesome Education and is based upon nurturing the self. Leadership in ourselves redefines itself further as we develop together.

Our Management of Students is based upon the following hierarchical steps:

  1. Imagination

  2. Interest

  3. Focus

  4. Motivation

  5. Concentration

  6. Determination

  7. Drive (Intermediate Levels)

  8. Inspiration (Intermediate Levels)

  9. Vigilance (Higher Levels)

  10. Diligence (Higher Levels)

  11. Naturalism (Highest Levels)

  12. Self-Progression (Attitudinal Ownership Behaviour) (Highest Levels)

Our Management is based upon these Core Values:

  1. Servant and Cause Leadership leading to Transformational Leadership

  2. Pygmalion Effect (Self-Fulfilling Prophecy)

  3. Guidance towards Highest Moral Values (Piaget, Kohlberg, Galligan)

  4. Inspiration Driven (The ability to see Extraordinary in the Ordinary)

  5. Mindset Evaluations and Understanding Immaculate Nature of True Individualistic Ownership (Ownership Oriented Mindset)

Wholesome Education, Self-Development and Well Being:

We believe in Wholesome Education which is based upon concepts and theories which try to find the truth in themselves with a wholistic perspective as a means of completing a person's self-belief. This Wholistic nature is achieved through creative integration of cumulative knowledges. The practice of truth in the practical life give a person a purpose to progress and achieve immense qualities leading to Independence.

Warren Buffett signifies "True Individualistic Ownership" and defines the concept of self-multiplications - that is how you make an ordinary business a truly a unique one. Once an individual has captured the required complete essence of the successful and complete managerial perspective of a particular business then that person can inspire and lead others to do, literally the same, enabling a successful business empire to be built. This is a classical theory of self and societal development with intrinsic and inherent values integrating at a seamless point as the self of a person. Hence, value is created, distributed by the currency of men itself while earned profits merely becomes a by-product of the wilful effort of all in that particular organisation. This aforementioned phenomenal philosophy of the recurring business triumphs is the classical means of well-being.

Our unique selling proposition resides in the symbol EDU-V which summarises our institutional strategy for educational development:

1. EDU-V (as the Unique Selling Proposition)

2. Educational Strategies

3. Motivational Strategies

4. The Learning Spectrum

5. Class Satisfaction Criteria

Hidden Curriculum as Value Based Skill-Set:

  1. Creativity

  2. Cumulative Integration

  3. Building Interrelatedness

  4. Value Maximization